Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Books Read in March 2014

Books Read in March 2014...

Digital Photography FAQ

Actually had been reading this one for several months but just so happened to finish it in the month of March so this where it falls!  One of the most random photography books I have read to date.  One page you read about how take night pictures with a high ISO setting and then on the very next page it will tell you what kind of lens to buy.  Very random but actually helpful.  Not a buy kind of book but a great get at the library to skim through to learn more about photography.

By Charles Stanley

I had actually never read a book by Charles Stanley and really have no idea why I decided to make this one the first of the many he has written.  But it was GREAT!  Would really just recommend it to everyone.  At first I was thinking, why am I reading this I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on my emotions and knowing how to deal with them.  But the more I read I realized it is about so much more than that...what you ask? Pick It up and check it out!

The Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg

One of my top three Psychology based reads I have read.  (the others being anything by Malcolm Gladwell, and Quiet By Susan Cain)  This book really hits how we can actually succeed in certain areas of our life when we know what are usual patterns are and how to change them in a positive direction.  Some of my favorite topics in his book are; starting with habits in the brain and he tells a story about a man with severe dementia but goes on walks every day and can make it back home but doesn't how, and how companies and retailers manipulate our habits to make us buy more, example; putting fruits and vegetables at the front of the grocery store knowing if you pick those things up first you are more likely to buy more "junk" food later in your shopping because you have bought the "healthy" stuff first.

Coaching Confidential

By Gary Myers

I probably wouldn't recommend this book but it is a quick read if you enjoy hearing some insights into NFL coaching.  How certain coaches decided to step down or what they do when they get fired.  If you are interested in the stories of the coaching careers of Bill Parcells, Jimmy Jones, Sean Payton, or Joe Gibbs then this would be a great read for you.  If you aren't I would not consider it.  But a fun quick read if you have extra time on your hands and you love reading about the football coaching profession.

Going Deep

By Cris Carter

Being a Vikings fan I sorta felt like this book was a must read.  Well, I really wouldn't even suggest this book if you are vikings fan.  Chris really just talks this whole book about how the wide reciever in the NFL is the best position there is and all WR's don't get enough credit.  The confidence/cockyness that Chris Carter has always had/portrays definitely shines in this book.  So if you love Chris Carter then I would read this but if you really have no interest in reading his opinion on every wide receiver that has ever been good in the NFL then I suggest that you do not every consider picking this book up.

Proof Of Heaven

By Eben Alexander

Saw this as a top seller on the shelf at Target so I figured I would get my hands on it first chance I got at the library.  About a neurosurgeon who goes through a dramatic near death experience.  I have read books in the past that talk about people seeing heaven in near death experiences but it was great to read from the aspect of a neurosurgeon who gives great detail to what is actually happening in the brain during his and others experience.  A short book, so really not a bad read for a weekend.

Sports from Hell

By Rick Reilly

Honestly the only reason I read this book is so that I could have some laughs.  I started to get in a little reading rut that everything I picked up was so serious that I really wanted to sit and laugh.  Rick Reilly tells the stories of 10 sports that he goes and tries around the world that are actual sports.  He has rules that he explains that the beginning of how he picked these.  Honestly thought the first one was hilarious (world sauna championships) but then after that it just sorta went down hill.  But not a bad read as Rick Reilly is a good writer.

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