Friday, April 4, 2014

2014 Monthly Challenge - March Complete

Monthly Challenge for the year update...

January - Floss Every Day (check...flossed once since then)
February - Pray on Knees Every Day (check...need to continue this more)

March - 200 Push Ups Every Day!

I would say out of all the monthly challenges so far.. this was the most "fun".  (Well obviously since I started out the year with flossing)

The fun part was just the challenge itself in how I would divide it up each day.
Sometimes doing them at home.  While cooking, during timeouts of basketball games, losing to Morgann in UNO.  Whatever it may be.
Sometimes doing them at work.  (20 between each meeting, etc)

All in all, this is a challenge I look forward to doing again!  Nothing but beneficial and would love for anyone else to do it as well!!!  I do feel like my form improved as well.

On to April - 4 days in already...

This month is JUST SAY NO month.
Where I just say NO to things...

No Social Media - Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (I don't think writing this blog counts?)
No looking at my cell phone after 7 pm at night.
No getting on the iPad/Internet at home.  (Which will be difficult since we don't have cable in the first place)
No sweets/candy.

So here we go!!!  I think it will be done and I will report what I like and dislike about it when May hits... I can already tell 4 days in I really enjoy the no phone after 7 but the no Twitter so far is a struggle.  So maybe a wake up call in my life.  But the last time I went no Facebook for a month I never got back on and that was 7 years ago.

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