Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Subway (the old cut)

When I first started working at Subway, summer of 2000!  It was the "old Subway".

We had White or Wheat bread.
We didn't have breakfast.
We had stamps that could get you free sandwiches.
We didn't have pizza.
We didn't have a toaster oven.
And we definitely didn't cut our bread on only one side of the loaf!

By year 4 of me working at subway, all the above had changed!
(even though I was still eating frozen cookie dough in the freezer)

Subway was making it harder on the customer, more sandwich options that were paired with a variety of different kinds of bread.  But no customer ever complained about any of the changes.  My friends would complain about the no stamp movement just because this meant I wouldn't be rolling out 24 stamps for every six inch sub they bought.

But one change did happen that most customers would always still ask.

"Are you able to do the old cut"

It made me so proud to know that I could, that I had worked at this joint long enough that I could do "the old cut"  Many of you may know what I am talking about.  The perfect cut V all they way around so everything is placed in the middle and doesn't fall out, what all sandwich consumers crave to this day!
When a "newer" employee would get hired, I use to love the question...
"Hey Chris, can you come down here and give this person "the old cut".

So I am using this post to announce, I STILL HAVE IT!
Last week Morgann and I made steak and cheese sandwiches at home, and I didn't hold back.
Old Cut it was!  Good enough to even take a picture.  Old cut to perfection!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monthly Challenge - May Edition

Made it through April's challenge.  I would say it was the most "challenging" so far.  Yes the push up month and floss month wore me out but month of "NO" was rough sometimes.

To hit a little bit on each "NO" that happened during the month...

I am actually going to write a whole post about going no twitter for a month because there is more I would like to write about it, but in a quick gist.  It was actually more difficult than I thought.  I didn't know before the month how much I rely on Twitter for news, and updates, and links to things I am interested in.  So from that aspect I definitely missed Twitter.

To rate the effect this had, I would have to go with medium.  I use a Chrome Cast to watch TV shows through YouTube on my TV since I don't have cable and I thought this would be a challenge as I feel like I have been using it a lot in the prior months, but come to find out I guess I don't use it as much as I thought, or I guess don't "need" it as much as I thought.  The hardest part for me was I had to take a break from watching football highlights of recruits and NFL draft prospects.

I really don't know if I missed this or not.  It isn't really something that I feel like I am missing vital information if I don't have it.  So all in all, didn't really miss instagram.  Don't get me wrong, I love looking at pics and what others are up to but definitely not a pressing thing.

With the above three items being a no go, this didn't really effect me too much.  I really don't look at my phone that much after 7 anyway since it takes me forever to text on my phone, I really just don't like my phone, so I am never really on it that much anyway.

NO Ipad
Wasn't too difficult.  1.  Because I would just use our laptop if I needed to look at something. and 2. I think my only use for the Ipad is to watch a show or just look up something quickly online. So I guess really all in all the Ipad isn't needed in life and since it is a work item and I didn't pay for it, I know if I left my current job for some reason I wouldn't buy one.

Really wasn't that difficult because I am not a huge sweets guy (loves some chips and salsa instead).   But got through it and don't think this really effected my life too much.

All in all, TWITTER, definitely the hardest part of the April challenge!!!

On to May... (what I think will be the hardest yet)


If you know me, you know how much I love cereal.  I really don't know if there are many days in my whole life that I haven't eaten cereal.  Public Speaking class in college I did a speech on how Cinnamon Toast Crunch is healthy for you (backed by tons of research obviously).  When I go to an all you can eat breakfast buffet, I still get cereal.  HUGE FAN HERE!

What will I do?
Well, I plan on resorting to eggs, bacon, breakfast burritos, Eggo waffles, and fruit! (One Rule - It has to be made in my kitchen, no Bojangles or Chick Fil A!)  This should be interesting...