Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Post/New Beginnings

I know what you may be thinking... I am not checking this blog anymore, he doesn't make posts anymore.  (and when he does it is just about a monthly challenge or books he is reading)

Not so fast my friend...

Don't be alarmed.... www.cking1224.blogspot.com is in the stage of making some changes because of the growth in views.  These changes have been getting worked on during this month and will be coming soon to a computer near you.

So stay with me and I will update when the changes are complete.  For the time being please don't hesitate to follow me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/cking1224) and check out my most recent photographs on RED BUBBLE!!! (click here)

Look forward to the new awesomeness that is about to go down!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June's Challenge Complete and On with July

Well the last I believe of workout challenges of the year are done as I completed the month of June being 30 pull ups everyday for the month!!!

It started out difficult since I have never been a "pull up guy".  But then as the month went on it actually became pretty easy to complete this and most days try to do more than 30.  But on the last day I wanted to be able to get it all done in less than 3 sets which I was able to accomplish and can now do 13 pull ups straight... when I started the month I was at 4. Next year I might have to add push up and pull up challenge in the same month?



Do I think this can be completed pretty easily?... yes.  Do I think I will enjoy it?... No!

I use to hate even looking at this...

I was always the guy in elementary school that couldn't get presidential because when it came to doing the sit and reach I couldn't even reach the board to even count a score.  I think that is the best way to describe how non flexible I am.  So here goes nothing...

At least 15 minutes a day of stretching, and get up to 30 minutes a day be the end of the month.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Managers On A Mission (taking over #WakingWithPurpose)

As many may have seen through my Twitter account @cking1224 and on the top of my blog (a link - MOAM) a connection I have with Managers On A Mission.  


Around this time last year Drew Boe (former GA for football at Virginia Tech) and three other former student managers of athletic programs around the country launched the non-profit organization Managers On A Mission.  

Throughout 2013 I knew God kept putting MOAM on my heart and wanting me to be more involved with it in some capacity as I kept telling Morgann how awesome I thought it was and kept looking at what God was doing through the men who started it and their ultimate goal of serving His Kingdom.  With this on my heart and mind, and a conversation with Chad Atherton (former GA for football at Virginia Tech and now board member for MOAM)  I started to pray about what/how I could be a part of Managers On A Mission.

In January of this year God finally put it on my heart to call Drew Boe and express to him how I wanted to be fully involved in what Managers On A Mission is all about!

Six months later now and God has lead me to the opportunity to start posting my #WakingWithPurpose tweets (WHY WAKING WITH A PURPOSE BLOG LINK) through the MOAM twitter account (MOAM Twitter), which I am super pumped about because I feel MOAM is definitely a representation of what God speaks through those tweets at 4 am each morning!


Managers On A Mission is a non-profit organization that was established to develop ‘uncommon’ leaders that will maximize the utilization of the prominent and influential platform afforded to sports leaders.  MOAM prepares and equips college athletic student managers for the challenges, pressures and temptations of the industry through connecting these future industry leaders with resources and programs. The focus of these is to challenge them to become men and women of character, integrity and courage, who exhibit both confidence and humility and who know the value of family and faith. Through service projects and mission trips, both domestically and internationally, MOAM encourages student managers to walk a path towards living a life of true significance.

Managers On A Mission was founded by four former student managers with the assistance of our mentors Tubby Smith, Frank Beamer, and Equipment Managers throughout the country.

One of the biggest programs MOAM offers is a fully funded mission trip to an orphanage in Africa. Just as student managers are the future leaders of sport, the millions of orphans throughout Africa are the future leaders of their respective countries. This is why MOAM is committed to connecting the best servant leaders in sport, student managers, with this transformational opportunity the mission trip experience offers.

We also fund student manager led service projects throughout the United States and exclusive student manager scholarship programs. This past Fall MOAM was able to distribute 150 copies of “The Jersey Effect” to student managers throughout the country and look to build upon this with further scholarship programs.  If interested please visit (http://www.managersonamission.org/moam-service-projects.html)

Our 100% volunteer driven nonprofit organization is able to accomplish our mission through donations of used/excess sports apparel from coaches, and support staff members of College Football and NFL teams throughout the country. These donations typically come in 2 ways.

1. Through coaches/support staff cleaning out their lockers each year as the new season’s apparel is issued.

2. After coaches/support staff transition from one program to another, and are no longer in need of the previous team’s apparel. For example, see our generous donation from Tubby Smith after he was fired at MN HERE (http://www.managersonamission.org/news/coach-tubby-smith-makes-donation-to-managers-on-a-mission).

These used items still contain unbelievable value that fund our programs as they are sold 100% for charity through our online eBay Giving Works store - http://www.ebay.com/usr/authenticathleticapparel

A 100% volunteer staff also allows MOAM to ensure all donations go directly to programs and scholarships.  

Don't forget to follow MOAM on twitter (MOAM Twitter) if you enjoy my tweets each morning for #WakingWithPurpose!  We at Managers On A Mission look forward to continued prayer as MOAM goes forward with our mission of serving God's Kingdom!

(Drew Boe - President, Managers On A Mission)

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monthly Challenge - JUNE

Oh man am I glad that May's monthly challenge is over!!!

Just too put it bluntly - that wasn't fun at all!

No cereal for a whole month, out of the all the challenges for the year so far, this is the first one that I can say that there is no doubt in my mind that I will never try again!!!  Ever!

First week was fine, but then after that you just get tired of making eggs, waffles, pancakes, etc

(First bowl or should I say 4 bowls were straight Golden Grahams)

Positives of this past month? Umm... (maybe that is why I won't ever do it again)

I guess the positive is I really have about 6 different ways I can make eggs now, I even know how to make 3 different types of scrambled eggs.  I found out that the WalMart Blueberry waffles are actually better for you and cheaper than the Trader Joe's Blueberry Waffles, who would have thought?

So with that said, we will put that in the past an never really bring up the idea of a no cereal month again!

Now on to June, where instead of taking something away I am adding something...

(the key - it cannot be part of a workout)

I am horrible at pull-ups!  I think some people's bodies are just made for Pull-Ups, well mine is not.  I have never been good at pull-ups so I am looking forward to this.  My goal by the end of the month is to be able to do 30 while only using no more than 3 different sets and possibly completing that under a 5 minute period, we will see!

Bring on the Total Gym!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Subway (the old cut)

When I first started working at Subway, summer of 2000!  It was the "old Subway".

We had White or Wheat bread.
We didn't have breakfast.
We had stamps that could get you free sandwiches.
We didn't have pizza.
We didn't have a toaster oven.
And we definitely didn't cut our bread on only one side of the loaf!

By year 4 of me working at subway, all the above had changed!
(even though I was still eating frozen cookie dough in the freezer)

Subway was making it harder on the customer, more sandwich options that were paired with a variety of different kinds of bread.  But no customer ever complained about any of the changes.  My friends would complain about the no stamp movement just because this meant I wouldn't be rolling out 24 stamps for every six inch sub they bought.

But one change did happen that most customers would always still ask.

"Are you able to do the old cut"

It made me so proud to know that I could, that I had worked at this joint long enough that I could do "the old cut"  Many of you may know what I am talking about.  The perfect cut V all they way around so everything is placed in the middle and doesn't fall out, what all sandwich consumers crave to this day!
When a "newer" employee would get hired, I use to love the question...
"Hey Chris, can you come down here and give this person "the old cut".

So I am using this post to announce, I STILL HAVE IT!
Last week Morgann and I made steak and cheese sandwiches at home, and I didn't hold back.
Old Cut it was!  Good enough to even take a picture.  Old cut to perfection!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monthly Challenge - May Edition

Made it through April's challenge.  I would say it was the most "challenging" so far.  Yes the push up month and floss month wore me out but month of "NO" was rough sometimes.

To hit a little bit on each "NO" that happened during the month...

I am actually going to write a whole post about going no twitter for a month because there is more I would like to write about it, but in a quick gist.  It was actually more difficult than I thought.  I didn't know before the month how much I rely on Twitter for news, and updates, and links to things I am interested in.  So from that aspect I definitely missed Twitter.

To rate the effect this had, I would have to go with medium.  I use a Chrome Cast to watch TV shows through YouTube on my TV since I don't have cable and I thought this would be a challenge as I feel like I have been using it a lot in the prior months, but come to find out I guess I don't use it as much as I thought, or I guess don't "need" it as much as I thought.  The hardest part for me was I had to take a break from watching football highlights of recruits and NFL draft prospects.

I really don't know if I missed this or not.  It isn't really something that I feel like I am missing vital information if I don't have it.  So all in all, didn't really miss instagram.  Don't get me wrong, I love looking at pics and what others are up to but definitely not a pressing thing.

With the above three items being a no go, this didn't really effect me too much.  I really don't look at my phone that much after 7 anyway since it takes me forever to text on my phone, I really just don't like my phone, so I am never really on it that much anyway.

NO Ipad
Wasn't too difficult.  1.  Because I would just use our laptop if I needed to look at something. and 2. I think my only use for the Ipad is to watch a show or just look up something quickly online. So I guess really all in all the Ipad isn't needed in life and since it is a work item and I didn't pay for it, I know if I left my current job for some reason I wouldn't buy one.

Really wasn't that difficult because I am not a huge sweets guy (loves some chips and salsa instead).   But got through it and don't think this really effected my life too much.

All in all, TWITTER, definitely the hardest part of the April challenge!!!

On to May... (what I think will be the hardest yet)


If you know me, you know how much I love cereal.  I really don't know if there are many days in my whole life that I haven't eaten cereal.  Public Speaking class in college I did a speech on how Cinnamon Toast Crunch is healthy for you (backed by tons of research obviously).  When I go to an all you can eat breakfast buffet, I still get cereal.  HUGE FAN HERE!

What will I do?
Well, I plan on resorting to eggs, bacon, breakfast burritos, Eggo waffles, and fruit! (One Rule - It has to be made in my kitchen, no Bojangles or Chick Fil A!)  This should be interesting...  

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Super Center SAVIOR

Review of Jeff Noble's book - Super Center Savior

"I will mail you a book, if you write a blog post review about it"

This was the tweet from author Jeff Noble.  So obviously I hopped on this opportunity for several reasons.
1)  I have been wanting to read his book.
2)  I have a blog where I have the opportunity to write a book review if I wish.
3)  Last but not least, the obvious - a free book?  Come on now!

So after several messages back and forth, Jeff was a man of his word.  Received a copy of his book in the mail.  Being in the middle of several books at the time I waited a month to pick it up, so being a man of my word.

My review of the book...

The book has an all around metaphor of comparing Wal-mart to the life of a Christian and the church itself.  At first my mindset was a little prejudgmental on this comparison and how it could actually relate.  But Jeff does a great job in the beginning and throughout explaining the concept.  As he describes it late in the book as a "loose" analogy.

"Now I realize that some of you are "green" behind the ears and suggesting that the Wal-Mart corporation should be held up as an analogy like this makes your internal Prius stall out.  This book is not here to address the inequities of corporate growth or environmental concerns.  If that's the only way you can view life, and it's your passion , you probably will want to either tear this book up then recycle it, or go read this book out in a pasture with a kitten"

Jeff states in the beginning that he wants the reader and a usual church attender "to move from the idea of simply being present in church on Sunday to discover the radical joy of reflecting His presence while living between Sundays"  after reading this book I believe that is what can truly happen as Jeff truly relates to "real life" situations of a believer.

When thinking and looking back over a book I just read I like to think about two things.
1)  Where did I feel like the author was really talking to me?
2)  What questions can I be asking myself to improve my life after reading this book?

To hit on #1
He talks about church actually "sucking the life out of us".  I believe Morgann (my wife) and I can relate to this so much, as members of a church sometimes it can be draining and we begin to just be going through the motions and not even thinking about relationships, we just begin to participate and go to activities "just because" we are members of the church and that is what it is "suppose to look like" when you are a member.  "investing in religious activity rather than authentic relationships"

"The troubling reality is that the more involved in church we become, the more we want Wal-Church.  We want our church to offer us everything.  To meet all our needs.  To cater to our ministry and personal preference.  BUT IT'S NOT ABOUT US.  IT'S ABOUT HIM."

To hit on #2
One of the best things about this book is that Jeff will challenge you.  (Challenges you in that it is a long, really difficult book to get through?...NO, not at all.)  Challenge in the fact that I might see a topic that leads to a great question to continue to ask myself everyday!

-  "What would it look like if Christians lived their lives in a way that made them as accessible, convenient and beneficial as Wal-Mart?"
-  "Are we prepared to be obedient?" (Titus 3:1)
-  Do you have time to love your neighbor or are you too caught up in "church activities"?
-  Are you being intentional to notice your surroundings?
-  Why would people who aren't Christians come to our stuff if we never go to theirs?
-  When you hear the words of God, is this actually leading to ADJUSTMENTS in our lives, decisions, attitudes and relationships?
-  Are people a priority in your life over "things" and "experiences"?

Jeff does a great job of adding in scripture throughout the book, and it great to see where Jesus and his words speak through Jeff.

I would absolutely recommend this book to all Christians.  I think the concept will really hit home with everyone and if you liked what I mentioned above then you will thoroughly enjoy this book.  It is a very quick read (small, 100 pages) and you can get it done in a weekend!

Hats off to Jeff for the great read and being an awesome guy to just send this my way down here in South Carolina! Hope I did the book justice in my post but at the same time didn't want to write too much so people wouldn't go read it themselves!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Top 5 Smells (EVER)

Something I have always thought about and love to ponder, in order...

1)  New Shoe
No doubt my number one smell!  I might go out on a limb and say that this may be a little associated with the fact that when I am getting to enjoy the amazingness of new shoe smell I have just purchased or received a brand new pair of shoes.  But with that aside, nothing beats this smell, hands down.

2)  Mulch
Once again, could possibly be associated with other factors, being Mulch = Spring has arrived and nice weather is here!  The first time I ever remember coming to the realization that I loved the smell of mulch was the first I ever went to pick up mulch with my dad in a truck.  I am standing there looking at all different kinds and I thought to myself, I could stand here all day and smell this.  (Freshly Mowed grass - not in the top five because to associated with mulch but still feel like it should be mentioned in this category)

3)  Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle
Just something about it, by far my favorite candle smell.  My mother-in-law buys me one every year for Christmas and it is one tradition that I love!  It is the smell of cookie, sugar, home cooked baking, and Christmas all mixed into one, it really doesn't get much better than that.  (Would also like to mention in this category that I do enjoy smelling most candles in a Yankee Candle store or a Cracker Barrel, but this one is by far the best around!)

4)  College Football (Particularly Lane Stadium)
If you love college football then you know what I mean by this.  If you do not, you may be thinking, how can a sport have a smell.  Well just so you know, it does, it is that smell of tailgating, fresh cut grass, grills cooking, sweat, turkey legs, and competition all rolled into one.  I really just can't describe it any other way.  But I love that smell.  When walking into a college football stadium, I love just being able to stop at the top of a tunnel before going into your seat, looking around, taking a deep breath, and saying "now that smells like college football".

5)  New Can of Tennis Balls
Thinking about this actually makes me want to play tennis.  When you pop the top on a can of tennis balls, I get more excited than if I had just popped the can of a pringles tin.  I actually don't even know but smelling this smell could possibly be bad for you, because sometimes as soon as i pop the can I immediately hold it up to smell and it almost feels like sometimes it is so good that their could be some kind of chemicals involved.  (New Camp T-Shirt - Fresh out of the box, a new camp t-shirt definitely needs to be mentioned here, you just can't beat the smell of new Beefy-T two sizes to big draped over you unwashed, classic good smell)