Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lack of Blogging

Wow...the last two months have flown by!

1.  April - one of the best sports months of the year helps with that.  (the Masters, Virginia Tech Spring Football Game, NFL Draft)
2.  May - Did not sleep in my own bed one single Friday and Saturday night one weekend in this month!  (aka busy)

One great thing about a blog website is that it keeps tabs on how often you blog by date, and archiving this information for you.  One of the worst things for me the past two months is that a blog keeps tabs on how often you blog, for the fact that I haven't been blogging/writing on what God has been doing in my life, been reading, been doing, or anything for that matter.  After going through Proverbs in March I have literally not been on top of my blogging, so it is time to get rolling again now that I have no excuses.

Waking With Purpose Update:  I have officially been waking up at 3:45 for eight months.  The growth through this experience is still creating amazing growth in my spiritual life and still having an amazing impact on each day.

What books have I read the last two months:

Inside Out Coaching - By Joe Ehrmann

If there was a single book that I would tell any coach in the world to read it would be this one.  It truly puts into perspective how much impact a coach truly has on his players.  Once again another book recommended Johnny Shelton (Football Chaplain of VT Football).  Joe spends the first half of the book really explaining his life and how he truly developed the whole inside out coaching program.  Then the second half of the book shows how any coach can incorporate this into there program, no matter the sport, no matter age group.  It is all about being other centered and creating a true team community!  (I suggest reading The Season of Life by Jeff Marx as well, the book is based on Joe Ehrmann, a great book)

Life Together - By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This is a book that my wife Morgann had been reading during 2012 and kept telling me to read it.  So in April when our group Bible study decided to do this book as our study, the timing could not be better!  This book was awesome, it truly explains how God intended our relationships to be with each other.  This is a quick read and highly recommended.  This book even lead out small group to take communion together in a house of one of the couples in the group.  One unique experience that I will never forget.  Great growth moment in my life!

The Big Miss - By Hank Haney

 I am not sure if I am allowed to say that I read this book in the last two months, but I can say that I finished it in May.  I honestly started reading this book at Barnes and Noble last year, never wanted to by it (frugal guy here) so every now and then when I would return to Barnes and Noble I would just pick it up off the shelf and read where I last left off.  (I would put the page where I left off in my phone)  To me this book was pretty insightful into the life of Tiger Woods and the relationship he had with Hank Haney his coach for several years.  Reading this book I really just wanted to get an inside look into a pro golfers life and it did that for me, but really wouldn't recommend this read for anyone unless you want to know about the relationship of Tiger and his coach.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - By Patrick Lencioni

 Honestly, this book is good, but just not great to me.  The only reason I say this is that I had to high expectations for it.  It is also the first "help" book I have read that diagrams the negative of running a business or team.  For example the whole book is laid out to show what not to do and not how/what to do anything right.  So that was surprising for me, but all in all if you want to pick this book up, just do it from the library and copy the last 20 pages as it explains everything you need to know from the book.  Lets just say I am looking forward to reading Lencioni's The Advantage as I have that on the bookshelf right now.

So I never want to get this backed up again on blog post!  So bring on June and restart to the year!