Friday, April 25, 2014

Top 5 Smells (EVER)

Something I have always thought about and love to ponder, in order...

1)  New Shoe
No doubt my number one smell!  I might go out on a limb and say that this may be a little associated with the fact that when I am getting to enjoy the amazingness of new shoe smell I have just purchased or received a brand new pair of shoes.  But with that aside, nothing beats this smell, hands down.

2)  Mulch
Once again, could possibly be associated with other factors, being Mulch = Spring has arrived and nice weather is here!  The first time I ever remember coming to the realization that I loved the smell of mulch was the first I ever went to pick up mulch with my dad in a truck.  I am standing there looking at all different kinds and I thought to myself, I could stand here all day and smell this.  (Freshly Mowed grass - not in the top five because to associated with mulch but still feel like it should be mentioned in this category)

3)  Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle
Just something about it, by far my favorite candle smell.  My mother-in-law buys me one every year for Christmas and it is one tradition that I love!  It is the smell of cookie, sugar, home cooked baking, and Christmas all mixed into one, it really doesn't get much better than that.  (Would also like to mention in this category that I do enjoy smelling most candles in a Yankee Candle store or a Cracker Barrel, but this one is by far the best around!)

4)  College Football (Particularly Lane Stadium)
If you love college football then you know what I mean by this.  If you do not, you may be thinking, how can a sport have a smell.  Well just so you know, it does, it is that smell of tailgating, fresh cut grass, grills cooking, sweat, turkey legs, and competition all rolled into one.  I really just can't describe it any other way.  But I love that smell.  When walking into a college football stadium, I love just being able to stop at the top of a tunnel before going into your seat, looking around, taking a deep breath, and saying "now that smells like college football".

5)  New Can of Tennis Balls
Thinking about this actually makes me want to play tennis.  When you pop the top on a can of tennis balls, I get more excited than if I had just popped the can of a pringles tin.  I actually don't even know but smelling this smell could possibly be bad for you, because sometimes as soon as i pop the can I immediately hold it up to smell and it almost feels like sometimes it is so good that their could be some kind of chemicals involved.  (New Camp T-Shirt - Fresh out of the box, a new camp t-shirt definitely needs to be mentioned here, you just can't beat the smell of new Beefy-T two sizes to big draped over you unwashed, classic good smell)

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