Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June's Challenge Complete and On with July

Well the last I believe of workout challenges of the year are done as I completed the month of June being 30 pull ups everyday for the month!!!

It started out difficult since I have never been a "pull up guy".  But then as the month went on it actually became pretty easy to complete this and most days try to do more than 30.  But on the last day I wanted to be able to get it all done in less than 3 sets which I was able to accomplish and can now do 13 pull ups straight... when I started the month I was at 4. Next year I might have to add push up and pull up challenge in the same month?



Do I think this can be completed pretty easily?... yes.  Do I think I will enjoy it?... No!

I use to hate even looking at this...

I was always the guy in elementary school that couldn't get presidential because when it came to doing the sit and reach I couldn't even reach the board to even count a score.  I think that is the best way to describe how non flexible I am.  So here goes nothing...

At least 15 minutes a day of stretching, and get up to 30 minutes a day be the end of the month.