Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Laughter during Frustration (A Story)

I love the times when you are frustrated and then a week, a month, sometime later you realize how "dumb" it was to be frustrated in that moment and you just have to laugh about it.

Well, on Saturday I had one of those moments.. the difference was the laughter didn't come a week later, or a month.  During the frustration Morgann (my wife) is laughing at me while I am frustrated.  Did it help?

The situation:

Morgann and I have been researching to buy her a new car for well, ultimately you could say this research started a year and half ago when we decided instead of buying a car and making payments, lets just save up so we won't have to make payments when we buy one.

Well, Saturday was the day.  We found the car we both wanted and the perfect fit for Morgann.  The car with the best deal just so happen to be in the middle of nowhere in Georgia.  A 5 1/2 hour drive from our home.  So we are 5 hours in and on a random back road when the road we are on gets detoured, come to find out gets detoured in the complete opposite direction we need to go.  (40 miles in the wrong direction)

So my words at the peak of frustration:

(Also would like to add to this situation so you can picture it - Morgann is driving since I have had a headache for the past 2 hours of the trip so I am trying to sleep it off.  Not happening.)

So I say... (in a non Library type of voice is the best way to put it)

"There are three things that are really really upsetting me right now..." (this is where I really begin to heat up)

"Number one. (I really did say the numbers) We are on a back road in the middle of nowhere with no signal and now on curvier roads than they have in Virginia"

"Number two.  I feel like there is someone sitting in my forehead doing a french braid with the back of my eye socket"

"and Number three.  I feel like I am about to throw up" (As you can imagine, with each number my voice began to get louder)

Morgann has allowed me to get through all numbers without saying a word.  When I finish I look over at her hoping she will be in complete agreement with me...well instead I find her looking out the window away from me trying to hold in laughter.  I can tell on her face she wants to laugh so bad.  So I just cover my face with a pillow and go back to dealing with the person doing braids to rear part of my eye socket.

At dinner that night, on our way home I got to laugh all about what I had actually said in the heat of the moment.  But made me realize how awesome it is to have a wife that would be willing to just laugh at me in that moment!  So thank you Morgann for your laughter, patience, and lesson to me in this situation!


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