Thursday, October 3, 2013


So I had to find out the hard way.. It is Morgann's Birthday (2011), we happen to be in Denver together as I am speaking at a conference.  I thought I had done it up, gotten the best Birthday gift I have ever gotten anyone!!!  Tickets to see Taylor Swift!  Well, I was wrong, and being a guy I didn't know why!  I get back from some conference action in our Denver Hotel room where I am expecting to reveal the big gift.  It is there that I officially find out that on Morganns Birthday it isn't about the gift, it is about the Celebration/Love Shown, the day together, the fun, the birthday is more of an experience and not just a gift we unwrap.  (Duh Chris... Just like LIFE)

So with that said, with Morgann's birthday tomorrow, I thought I would reveal what I did to celebrate Morgann's 28th year of birth, post Denver/T.Swift year.  And thought that doing so may help any ideas/thoughts that might help fellow husbands/boyfriends out there celebrate their boo's special day.  (I was told by a student this week I need to start just calling my wife "my boo"?)

So last year I created a theme... PRINCESS.  I have found that celebrating in "child like" ways makes life so much fun!!!

So I created a Princess house, and made EVERYTHING Princess!

On the Princess house I created 7 doors, so everyday for 6 days leading up to her birthday Morgann got to open a door a day.  Inside the door was a poem/letter, a writing of some sort that would have hints, etc. on what the gift of the day may be.  The gift for each day was inside the Princess House (retractable roof very similar to what the Vikings have planned for the future), so not only did we have a Birthday, we had a Week of Birth Celebration.

It is through doing this that I truly found out that it isn't about the buying of gifts for Morgann, it is about the time - time spent together, time spent in preparation, time spent SHOWING LOVE.

Lesson learned for all future birthdays(and in life)!
1)  Be like a child at heart
2)  Prepare with love in your heart
3)  And always don't just buy a gift - because time is more important!

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