Monday, October 14, 2013

August/September Book Review

Quiet - By Susan Cain and 

Experiencing God - By Henry Blackaby  

Even though I finished these two books recently, they did not make this post as I will have separate post for each of them in the future as Quiet was "AMAZING", and Experiencing God, well, I just have more than a paragraph to say about it.

Now onto the reviews...

What is the What
By Dave Eggars
I had gotten this book from a goodwill several months back, it intrigued me by all the accolades it had received.  So with it being the end of summer reading I thought why not pick up the longest book I have ever read and get started.  The author takes you through the ride of a man from Sudan, Valentino Deng.  Reading through this book the whole time I kept saying, this is just like one of those movies where some people love the artistic side of a film when really I might just rather be watching Old School or Dumb and Dumber.  I can see how it received so many awards for writing and how so many people have read it.  It just wasn't for me.  There are really two stories going on at once, one of Deng in Sudan and the other him living in Atlanta.  All the chapters on Atlanta I was loving reading about but the coinciding stories going on at the same time just weren't put together well for me.  So if someone loves to read I would say go at this and see what you think but if you are a one book a month kind guy or gal, don't ever pick it up.

By Jay Bilas

So this book was told to me by a friend to try out and see what I thought.  I thought it was really good.  As I told him, it is not go out and pay 15 dollars on it kind of good, but rent from the library kind of good.  He bases the book off of a piece he wrote for several years back about what "toughness" actually means.  I think this book is great for any coach, and honestly any high school or college player of any sport.  I really wish I had read this in high school when playing sports.  So if you are a parent then this would be a great book for your son or daughter to read if they are beginning to play sports competitively.  It is a quick read so if you are interested in sports, leadership, and to compete the "right" way then I would pick this up.

The Case For Christ
By Lee Strobel

I had read this book about 8 years ago and felt it was time to take it off the shelf again.  It was a great read once again.  Lee was an Atheist, who was on the search for basic facts of why he should "believe" in Jesus Christ after his wife became a believer in Christ.  He travels around the country in the book having conversations with great philosophers and apologetics of today to find answers to his questions.  A great read for anyone that may be have questions about Christianity, and the life of Jesus Christ.

The Heart and the Fist
By Eric Greitens

Honestly have no idea where I got the idea to read this book, but it was on my "to read' list on My GOOD READS PAGE (click to see)  so I figured why not pick it up from the library.  This book is the biography of Eric Geitens,  who goes from Duke, to becoming a boxer, to Oxford, to being a Rhodes Scholar, to the Navy, to becoming a Navy Seal, and then serving in our country Afghanistan and Iraq.  So if that procession of events intrigues you at all I would recommend this book to you.  He goes into detail about his training as a Navy Seal, so if that interests you, you will fly through this book and not be able to put those chapters down.  The book does get a little old when you realize he has not one bad thing to say about himself and you start to wonder if he has ever done anything wrong, but all in all a good quick read if those above topics interest you.

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