Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last week College Football season began, and I am typing to admit that I was out right addicted to watching/learning everything I could for the start of the season.  I hadn't had it for 8 months and I needed it, I wanted it back in my life, it is/(was) a part of me.

Coming to the realization that this was the case lead me to tweet this out...
"I have told MORE people in the last year that I LOVE college football more than I have told people that I LOVE JESUS!"

CONVICTED!  I don't want that above tweet to be true!!!

This quote has stuck out to me:
"The true God in your heart is what your thoughts effortlessly go to when their is nothing else demanding your attention." - Tim Calhoun

So with that quote I simply want to ask you to think about who/what in your life do you make YOUR GOD?
What is "IT" that you think about majority of the time?
What is "IT" that if you didn't have it in this life you would really miss it?
What is "IT" that would make you disappointed if you didn't get to be a part of it for years on end?
When their is an awkward silence in a conversation or to start a conversation with a friend what is "IT" that your mind goes to to talk about?


I am so thankful for the forgiveness of an awesome God, His mercy, and His grace!!!

Also would love for you to watch this amazing video that I am including in this post of Chris Norman, a starting linebacker for Michigan State who chose not to do what the world wanted him to do (pursue his career in the NFL) but to stand up and stand out for Christ and go into ministry... CHRIS NORMAN - NFL OR MINISTRY?


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