Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Not That Easy

About 6 months ago I came to the realization that when I workout, sometimes I don't really perform an exercise with correct form when I don't enjoy doing the exercise.  I have also come to the realization that it stems from not wanting to do that particular exercise at all really.  (I think most people would be lying if they say they have never had this feeling)  But then I asked myself, why not do it correctly, do it slower, do it not as many times as I have been able to do it.  It is not as if a coach is going to make me do more for not finishing in a certain time or I am trying to stay with a team and not look like "that guy" that is behind everyone else.  So why?  Why go faster or not use the right technical form, and not do the exercise correctly?

So I created a workout which incorporates every exercise I hate to do, because every exercise I hate to do is more than likely one that I really need to be doing.  (AKA Squats of some sort)  Whoa...wait a second. 

 "Life Lesson" Time - are there things in your life you are just trying to "get it over with", "rushing it", "saving it for later", so you can move on in life?  Why?  Why not do it better, and do it right?  Who is stopping you, maybe you had something in the past that was holding you down from accomplishing this "thing" in your life, but now, why not now?  Time to make ourselves uncomfortable, step out, and do what may be holding us back of accomplishing more of a God given talent, or God given opportunity, or something you didn't have time to do in the past!  Do it with a greater PURPOSE - NOW!

Back to the exercises... So I created a workout in which I do 10 exercises that I hate to do, but I do them correctly! Doing them the right way!  (Old Coach saying - "Do it Right, do it Light" - meaning do it right the first time and you won't have to do the task for too long) I don't do them in a circuit, I just perform them until I can't perform them perfectly anymore (to fatigue) then I move on to the next exercise.

If you are wondering what the exercises are that were put in my 10 then maybe I need to make a separate post for that (or email me and I will let you know)... but a little teaser...
BURPEES  If you are unsure of what a burpee is then here is THE BURPEE in a video.
GOBLET SQUATS If you are unsure of what a Goblet Squat is then here is a GOBLET SQUAT (Please don't watch that whole video)

Both exercises I am not a big fan of but I do them incorrectly all the time and just move on, so what is it that you need to stop doing, sit back, and ask yourself can I perform this task better than I am right now because really I am just going through the motions but if I slowed down and put thought into it I could excel like I never have before?  Choosing to do it the right way now, will only help you become better in the future!  
But time to step back and ask yourself what would your top 10 look like?  (And they definitely don't have to be exercises)

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