Friday, August 2, 2013

Just Doesn't Work in my Mind

With Football season fast approaching, I felt it appropriate to post this "thought" I can't seem to fathom.

A basketball goal laid down is only about THREE yards on a football field? 

For any of you that have ever laid foot on a football field that was marked, please explain how this works.  Or the next time you are on a football field, please think about it!  It is crazy to think about these numbers;
  • Every time a team gets a first down they have just gone over the length of 3 basketball goals (ground to rim)
  • Every time a QB completes a pass for 20 yards he just threw it the length of six basketball  goals (ground to rim)
These lengths are really just hard for my mind to process, my only conclusion is that gravity and looking up have a greater impact on my judgment of distances than I think.
If you were to ask me to throw a football 40 yards I would say, "ok!"  But if you were to ask me to throw a football the length of 12 basketball goals laid down, on after the other, the response - head tilted down, eyebrows raised, saying "say what, are you serious"?

Makes me really think about what goals or ambitions in life do I feel like I am looking up to, thinking it is so unreachable!  But if I were to put that high unreachable goal on the same playing field, standing face to face to it, is it really that difficult?  

Time to stand on top of everything and get that different, face to face look, so we can achieve more every day!!!