Thursday, August 1, 2013


Once again, I go another month and half without a post?  Really?  Yes… what are the excuses this time. 
In the past month and half these things have happened in no particular order:

-          I received my first ever pocket knife
-          I was offered and accepted a new job
-          I stayed up for an entire 24 hour period for the first time since I was in 3rd grade
-          I ate my very last box of FUEL cereal (I had literally been saving it for a year and half because they don’t                                                                 make it anymore)
-          I started the devotional book “Experiencing God”!
-          Was in a wedding
-          Went to the dentist
-          Went on a weekend beach trip with friends
-          And the biggest - My wife and I have moved to South Carolina (for the new job)!!!

      So this post is not about my excuses/reasons for not being on my blog action.  Well, actually I guess it is.  But the month of August WILL be different, I can feel it!  I am not moving anywhere, not in any weddings, and I don't plan on receiving awesome gifts like pocket knifes.

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