Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beach Blue Print #1

I would say when I go to the beach  80% of the time that I am reading, standing/trying to swim in the ocean, putting up/taking down the umbrella, getting beat by Morgann in paddle ball, and sleeping.  The other 20% of the time I am literally just looking out at the water, thinking about important and unimportant things of life.  "Things" at which I will call a "Beach Blueprint"! 


Several weeks ago, sitting on the beach and thinking about what are a couple happenings in my life that have had a big impact.  The first thing that came to mind was football.  Going to my first ever college football game.  This lead to; me playing football in high school, going to a college that had a high importance on their football program, getting my Masters degree while working for a college football program, and building relationships along the way by attending games with friends, working with a team, and wanting to become a football coach, ALL of which were a huge POSITIVE IMPACT!

So with that said, I started thinking about how can I have an impact on kids in this way.

So this is my Beach Blueprint:
-  Working with the Boys and Girls club in the area I will take 10 kids each weekend to a high profile college football game 8 to 10 Saturdays in the Fall.
-  I will rent a 10 to 12 passenger van.  (Once this grows bigger (in my mind I think I will just buy a van)
-  College football teams to choose from - USC, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech, N.C. State, UNC, ECU,  and Virginia Tech
-  Getting tickets?  Well, to this I think I would try different avenues, coaches, boys and girls clubs, other non-profit organizations, alumni, and message boards to get the word out of what I was doing.
-  Paying for it?  (Gas/Food/Etc)  I think for the first year of it I would just pay for it out of my own pocket and see how the idea was working, then for the future I would begin to raise money for each fall.

Points of thought:
-  I will not be doing a lower division football games (no offense to these games/teams) I just feel that I was impacted by the "big time" college football scene so that is what I would want the kids to see.  (Also not going to NFL games in the area for the same reason)
-  I will only take kids that have never been to a Division 1 college football game

So, with that said, please leave comments below of how you would change my Beach Blueprint, recommendations you have, or anything you would like to say, I look forward to reading any other ideas!

More Blueprints will be on the way throughout the year as I love when I get lost in ideas while sitting at the beach!

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