Friday, August 9, 2013

July Book Review

Instead of doing a blog for each book I have read, every time I read one (I couldn't handle the pressure...haha).  With four read in July I will just post them all together!  Read on for quick reviews and recommendations!

Unbroken - By Laura Hillenbrand

For this one you get my suggestion first - YES!  I would suggest this book to everyone, if you love Fiction or Non-Fiction books you will fall in love with it.  I honestly had a little trouble getting past the first 100 pages and then after that it was smooth sailing because this book became gripping and every minute I had free in a day I was picking it up to read.  It is a true story of an Air Force Bomber (Louis Zamperini) during World War 2 and his days of running in the Olympics.  He has so many things happen to him that you will not be able to stop reading this book once you start, so I suggest buying it up if you need an awesome story to read.  (Do not read anything about Louis before or while reading this book because you might ruin it for yourself)

Seven - By Jen Hatmaker

A book suggested to me by my wife, for months as she read what felt like one page a night because she never wanted it to end.  (Morgann and Jen have this connection, Jen's humor is Morgann's humor so every page of Jen's witty-ness Morgann was laughing, and then she would put it down and say I don't want it to end so I am going to stop reading it for awhile)  So with that said, when she finally finished it, I had to pick it up and see what it was all about.  I can describe this book any better than they have online so here it is so you can really understand...
"7 is the true story of how Jen (along with her husband and her children to varying degrees) took seven months, identified seven areas of excess, and made seven simple choices to fight back against the modern-day diseases of greed, materialism, and overindulgence.  Food. Clothes. Spending. Media. Possessions. Waste. Stress. They would spend thirty days on each topic, boiling it down to the number seven. Only eat seven foods, wear seven articles of clothing, and spend money in seven places. Eliminate use of seven media types, give away seven things each day for one month, adopt seven green habits, and observe “seven sacred pauses.” So, what’s the payoff from living a deeply reduced life? It’s the discovery of a greatly increased God—a call toward Christ-like simplicity and generosity that transcends social experiment to become a radically better existence."
Do I suggest this book? - You will love this book if you fall into this criteria - Christian, Woman, and Love to recycle.  That was mostly a joke but I do suggest if you feel a calling to have a challenge in your own life of finding out what really matters in life!

One Heartbeat - By Mack Brown

I usually try to read several coaching books leading up to football season so this was one of my first of the fall.  I found this book to be a little outdated, and not really well written.  I did find out several things that I obviously didn't know about Mack Brown (his time at UNC, App. State, and growing up in Cookeville, TN) but honestly I wouldn't pick this book up.  I would assume there has been other books written about Mack Brown since this book was written in 2001 that would be much better.  

Top of the Morning (Inside the World of Cut Throat Morning TV) - By Brian Stelter

You may be wondering why I would have any desire to read this book.  But in the past three years I have had Morning TV on for at least 15 minutes before leaving for work to catch some quick news.  With switching from watching TODAY show to Good Morning America in the last year, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could read any information that goes on behind the scenes.  In essence this is what I found out - the first 100 pages is how TODAY Show came to fire Ann Curry from the main chair, the next hundred pages talk about the past of ABC and CBS morning shows and how they try to catch TODAY Show in viewer ratings.  And the book ended by talking about Good Morning America taking over TODAY for the most viewers and how they have done.  (By having more fun...and they all actually get along).  All in all not a bad read, would I suggest it?  Maybe if you are more than a little bit interested in background info, as it is a quick read but definitely not worth a buy, just get it from the library as I did!

As I have read these books pretty quick, the book I am reading right now is not going to fall in that boat - "What is the What - By Dave Eggers" (it is the longest book I have ever read...haha...obviously not counting when I fake read Little Women to get Accelerated Reader points in 5th grade, just wanted that personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut so bad!)

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