Monday, June 2, 2014

Monthly Challenge - JUNE

Oh man am I glad that May's monthly challenge is over!!!

Just too put it bluntly - that wasn't fun at all!

No cereal for a whole month, out of the all the challenges for the year so far, this is the first one that I can say that there is no doubt in my mind that I will never try again!!!  Ever!

First week was fine, but then after that you just get tired of making eggs, waffles, pancakes, etc

(First bowl or should I say 4 bowls were straight Golden Grahams)

Positives of this past month? Umm... (maybe that is why I won't ever do it again)

I guess the positive is I really have about 6 different ways I can make eggs now, I even know how to make 3 different types of scrambled eggs.  I found out that the WalMart Blueberry waffles are actually better for you and cheaper than the Trader Joe's Blueberry Waffles, who would have thought?

So with that said, we will put that in the past an never really bring up the idea of a no cereal month again!

Now on to June, where instead of taking something away I am adding something...

(the key - it cannot be part of a workout)

I am horrible at pull-ups!  I think some people's bodies are just made for Pull-Ups, well mine is not.  I have never been good at pull-ups so I am looking forward to this.  My goal by the end of the month is to be able to do 30 while only using no more than 3 different sets and possibly completing that under a 5 minute period, we will see!

Bring on the Total Gym!

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