Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Subway (the old cut)

When I first started working at Subway, summer of 2000!  It was the "old Subway".

We had White or Wheat bread.
We didn't have breakfast.
We had stamps that could get you free sandwiches.
We didn't have pizza.
We didn't have a toaster oven.
And we definitely didn't cut our bread on only one side of the loaf!

By year 4 of me working at subway, all the above had changed!
(even though I was still eating frozen cookie dough in the freezer)

Subway was making it harder on the customer, more sandwich options that were paired with a variety of different kinds of bread.  But no customer ever complained about any of the changes.  My friends would complain about the no stamp movement just because this meant I wouldn't be rolling out 24 stamps for every six inch sub they bought.

But one change did happen that most customers would always still ask.

"Are you able to do the old cut"

It made me so proud to know that I could, that I had worked at this joint long enough that I could do "the old cut"  Many of you may know what I am talking about.  The perfect cut V all they way around so everything is placed in the middle and doesn't fall out, what all sandwich consumers crave to this day!
When a "newer" employee would get hired, I use to love the question...
"Hey Chris, can you come down here and give this person "the old cut".

So I am using this post to announce, I STILL HAVE IT!
Last week Morgann and I made steak and cheese sandwiches at home, and I didn't hold back.
Old Cut it was!  Good enough to even take a picture.  Old cut to perfection!

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