Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Monthly Challenge - February Complete

2014 Monthly Challenge

As you all know I am doing a monthly challenge for every month throughout the year!  January was flossing everyday, you can read about that post here - January Challenge - Flossing!

Did flossing continue into February, or shall I ask does the rule of habit actually work in the scenario?  (habits are created after 21 days of consecutively doing an activity?)  I flossed every day in the month of January, in February I flossed once.  I was so tired of it after January I wore myself out of it.  So at this point I would say the "habit" theory didn't work for me.  But the monthly challenge isn't to continue doing the challenge so really no foul done!

February's challenge was to begin praying on my knees.  As I stated last month, I really hadn't done this at all since I was a kid beside my bed.

So how did the month go?  Awesome!!!  Sometimes my heart was in it and sometimes I felt like I was just doing it to complete the task of the month and I really could tell in my conversation through prayer which one was which!  So yes, I would highly recommend to do this challenge to everyone, it is a true growing experience that I will continue to do when my heart is open for it at the time!

On to the challenge of March...

100 hundred push-ups every day!

So let me say this, I started this challenge on Saturday, so three days in now.  After doing it for two days I am actually upping the challenge to 200 push-ups a day.  The reason, well, doing 100 just seemed like I could just bust it out and be done with it to easily every day during the month... and well, that really isn't  a "challenge" in my book.  So I am upping it to 200 every day!  Maybe by the end of the month I will have upped even more, I don't know, but we will see!

(Morgann wanted me to add stretching every day to this month, but I might have to wait on that if I am upping the push-up count?)

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