Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 Book Review

This years book goal - read at least 40 books, we will see.  But I have definitely started out on good track!

January 2014 Book Review

Meat Market - By Bruce Feldman

Great inside knowledge on the ins and outs of college football recruiting.  Was great to read nearing signing day (Feb. 5th) for 2014.  His focus is on Ole Miss, during the reighn of Ed Ogeron.  Book could have almost been a biography of Coach O, as a couple of chapters are devoted just to him and his story.  It was interesting to here names of players and coaches that you hear about now.  For example when they were recruiting Stephen Garcia out of Florida and they were afraid he might be going to South Carolina.  Good quick read for most college football fans. 

Jesus > Religion - By Jefferson Bethke

What made me want to read this book and if you haven't seen it yet is the poem by Jefferson Bethke - "Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus".  Here is the link to the poem, the video and the lyrics - Bethke Video of Poem and actual Lyrics  I enjoyed his honesty in the poem and also enjoyed it in the book.  This would have been a great read for me freshmen to junior year of college when Christ was definitely not at the center of it.  (and highly recommend for a college athlete as he was on a sports team in college and talks about that influence)  One line from his poem that intrigues me the most is - "if Jesus was here today would your church let him in"?  Go read the poem and it may intrigue you to pick up this book.

Live Your Dreams - By Les Brown

I have actually been wanting to read this for awhile, my dad actually introduced me to Les Brown back in the day but didn't think anything of it.  But I started watching his motivational speeches on YouTube and that is what made me want to pick this up.  This book is good and motivational, if you need a pick me up then this would be a good one to go get, I would say your heart has to be open to it though.  By that I mean it would be easy to read and say "well, of course, duh you have to do that".  But if you are needing some motivation in life then not a bad read.   

The Giver - By Lois Lowry

Morgann had actually got this from the library and I told her not to return it because I wanted to read it.  Pretty much the only reason why was this - this was a required reading back in grade school, and I don't say "grade school" to sound old but I say that because I don't really remember what grade.  But one the one thing I do remember is that I didn't read, I definitely acted like I read it, read some cliff notes, and thought it would be ridiculous to read.  Looking back now I can see how immature I was, as this book took hardly anytime to read.  Not that I loved it or anything or would even recommend anyone to read it, but it is a pretty short book if you want to check it out.  But about the book - well written, pretty good story, you know I am a non-fiction guy so really all in all this didn't do it for me. 

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