Friday, January 31, 2014

Month Challenge - Every Month 2014

I have goals written down for the year...
Faith Goals
Personal Goals
Family Goals
Financial Goals
Being able to dunk Goals
You name it I am pretty sure my goals covered it!

I have these written down and ready to go just like I have been doing for the last 3 years!  Morgann and I have even posted "our" goals in our bathroom so we can see them every single day!

But apart from these goals a couple years ago I started this "activity/challenges" for each month that I would do everyday during that month.  Which lead to me doing pushups everyday for a month, or not eating anything that has sugar in it for a month, or not eating "out" for an entire month.  I did most of these on a whim, just on the first of the month thinking to myself "what am I going to do this month".

Well, the year 2014 I decided to actually put some thought in to these monthly challenges.  These are separate from my other "goals".  This year I actually have a plan and know what I am already doing for every month and have already written them all down.

So I am taking this blog post to announce what this past month of January's challenge was and if I completed it.

January Challenge - FLOSSING

I challenged myself to floss every single day.  For some of you this may come as, well that is just too easy, who doesn't do that?  Well, I will tell you this, I didn't grow up flossing, never have liked flossing, and always thought it to be a waste of time.

So to me - this was a challenge!

I figured I would start this at the beginning of the year and make it month one just in case it became a habit then I could continue to do it throughout the year... for fun?

So just to let you know - I did it!!! I have gone every single day and flossed between every tooth!  Pretty pumped about it!  (Well I obviously didn't floss in between my two front tooth as that is where my Michael Strahan gap is)

Will I floss tomorrow?  More than likely not because that is going to be my day of celebration of not flossing!

February's Challenge - Praying on my knees everyday!
I haven't done this since I was a child, and to be child like (which I love) I figured this would help grow my relationship with the man up above.  So here we go... bring it on February!

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