Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sunday Blast 300 Workout

Need a new work out for 2014?

I have sent this workout to many many friends as some have stepped up to the plate and challenged with their times.  Figured with the first of the year starting tomorrow and people beginning their New Year's workout goals it would be a good time to post this workout and let anyone who is interested to give it go and let me know your times!!!

Here are the details of the workout and then a video showing you all exercises at the bottom.

Everything is set up in "30's" - so it totals 300 at the end!

1)  Burpees (30) - push up and jump knees to chest 
2)  Side Lunge (15 each side/leg touching the ground) - in the video I use 25 lb. dumbbell but you could use any weight
3)  1/4 Squat to Curl to Press (30) - 40 lb. dumbbells in the video
4)  Full ab stand ups (30) - using weight 20 to 25 lbs.
5)  Plank (1:30 regular and then .45 seconds on each side (add on time if you rest during this)
6)  Jump Lunges (30 each leg - 60 jumps total)
7)  Goblet Squat (30 - 40 lb. dumbbell)
8)  Ski Jumps (3 jumps = 1, do 30)
9)  T Push Up (15 Each side, 30 total) 
10)  Tricep Straight Leg Ab Raises (30)
(I would print this out or right it down as I still have to look at mine each time I do it)

1, 4, 6, 8 - those are the ones that you can get better speed at each time!  As I try to beat you time each go,

All the others have to be pretty technical sound if you know what I mean.  Like obviously I could do the Side Lunges a lot quicker than I show in the video but with those it is more about doing them right, same with curl to press, Goblet squats, t push ups and tricep abs.  And obviously the plank is a timed full 3 minutes so no cheating with that anyway gotta do it for a full 3 minutes.

Video of all exercises!!!  Have fun and let me know your times!  I will post the best times on here mid 2014!

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