Sunday, March 31, 2013

Finishing Proverbs!!! #31in31

As this month of Proverbs comes to a close, I can't express how awesome it was to get to share this with everyone.  God lead us all I believe!  So thanks to Him that we were able to all stick with reading these chapters each day and for what He put on our hearts throughout the book of Proverbs.  I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did.  Enjoy the last bit of Tidbits as we finish the last day today! 


22:9 "shares his food with the poor" - Stewardship is more than giving: it also involves a compassionate attitude that reaches out to people in need.
23:5 "makes wings for itself" - Accumulating earthly wealth is foolish.  At any moment it can be gone.
23:10 "encroach on the fields" - Not leaving grain in the fields for the poor after gathering the harvest was known as stealing.
24:12 "we didn't know" - God judges those who are aware of injustice but do not oppose it.
24:17-18 "gloat" - God detects an attitude of superiority.
24:27 "afterwards, build your house" - The first priority in an agricultural society was preparing the land and planting the see.  After that the people could build houses and establish families.
25:11 "word spoken" - This "word" can be an encouragement or a rebuke spoken in good timing and the right spirit.  Used correctly words make us appear wise.  Used incorrectly, they make us appear foolish.
26:14 "door turns in its hinge" - The point is not the way a slacker twists and turns, but the fact that a slacker never gets up.
27:17 "iron sharpens iron" - Good relationships are tools that God uses to develop our character.
28:11 "wise in his own eyes" - To be unteachable or proud
28:23 - Rebukes are welcomed by the wise.  But flattery is never effective with those who are wise and discerning.
29:7 "poor" - feeble or helpless, A righteous person demonstrates concern for others. 
29:16 "Without revelation" - When people do not hear God's truth, they live lawless lives.
30:6 "don't add" - Let God's word stand on its own authority and serve as its own interpreter.
31:3 "Don't spend your energy" Strength would be foolishly spend if all we did was chase women.
31:30 "praised" Beauty and charm are temporary, but a life lived for the Lord is worthy of praise.