Thursday, March 21, 2013

31 Days 31 Proverbs #4

The fourth posting from our 31 Days of 31 Proverbs.  Going to make this mostly just quick tidbits from each chapter since this post will include Chapters 11-21!!!

Chapter Tidbits:
11:4  "day of wrath" - it is righteousness, not wealth, that will save us when we face God's judgment at the end of our lives
11:7  "hope...vanishes" - Beyond this life wealth and power mean nothing.  To trade righteousness or wisdom for either is futile attempt at happiness.
11:16  This passage makes its point by comparing the value of respect to material wealth  Riches cannot buy good relationships, contentment, and respect from others.
12:11  "whoever chases fantasies" - Consistent, constructive work, not daydreaming or fantasying, yields the provisions we need for daily living.
12:16 "ignores" - Sometimes this word is translated as "covers".  The concept here is diplomacy and tact rather than avoidance.
13:8  What is the greater protection - to have the money to ransom yourself or to have so little property that no thief would try to steal from you?
14:22 "loyalty and faithfulness" - The New Testament equivalent would be grace and truth.
14:29 "quick-tempered" - Quick tempered people often act before thinking.  James encouraged his readers to be slow to speak and slow to anger (James 1:19)
14:31  God protects the poor.  Our actions toward the poor reflect our attitude toward God.
15:31  The way we use speech says a lot about what kind of people we are.  Whether we use gentle or harsh words, our conversation reflects our character.
15:4 "devious" - Our words have the power to influence people around us for good or evil.
15:8 "sacrifice" - God wants devoted hearts - not cold obedience.
15:32 "instruction" - God's discipline or moral correction is a part of His love for us!
16:9 "plans his way" - God's sovereignty should not keep us from planning and setting goals!  But we need God's wisdom to guide us as we make these plans.
18:8 "choice food" - An apt description of a "juicy" piece of gossip.  Just as a rich and delicious food is digested, gossip becomes a part of us and affects our attitudes.
18:11 "like a high wall" - Cities were surrounded with walls to provide protection, money is also viewed by many people as a form of security.  Jesus addressed this security issue with the rich young rulers. (Matt. 19:21-24)
21:13 "will himself also" - We reap what we sow.
21:14 "secret gift" - The purpose of this verse is not to condone bribery, but to emphasize a gift's ability to ease a tense situation.

We are coming down the home stretch of 31 days in the 31 books of Proverbs!!!  I will be writing the tidbits from 22-26 next Tuesday!!!