Friday, March 1, 2013

31 Days 31 Proverbs - Day 1

This morning I tweeted out to about 30 people that this was the month of 31 in 31.  Reading all 31 Chapters of the Book of Proverbs in the 31 days of March!  (= reading one chapter a day)

Morgann (my wife) and I had talked about doing this back in January, and today is the day it begins!  I am eagerly pumped for anyone/everyone who wants to join in on this.  With that said, every 5 chapters I will post some tidbits from the last 5 chapters on this blog!  Today just a "little" background on Proverbs itself to get started a tiny bit on Chapter 1.  (next blog will be tidbits on Chapters 2 - 6, etc, every 5 chapters till we reach day 31 - Easter Sunday)

Author - Solomon mostly (a couple other scribes in later chapters, I will point out when we get there)
Theme - To impart moral wisdom and uncommon sense for right living 
Little Background Info - The Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and offered him the desire of his heart, which he chose wisdom.  The book of Proverbs collects this God-given wisdom in poetic figures of speech.  Proverbs will focus on our practical lives, and will be very visual in doing so.  You will also notice that since the book was written for instruction, the proverbs will be given in the form of commands.

Chapter 1: (a couple tidbits)
  • 1:7  "fear the Lord"  Fearing the Lord involves the acknowledgement of  God's power and sovereignty
  • 1:18  "attack...own lives" referring to living apart from God, setting up a trap to catch yourself
  • 1:26  "laugh...mock"  Wisdom derives joy from the works of God
  • 1:32  "kill...destroy"  Living outside of God's wisdom brings destruction - (a message that is repeated throughout the New Testament, Romans 6:23 - The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord)
  • 1:33 "live securely"  Obedience may seem rough, hard, a burden, BUT, consider the difference between honesty and deception - living openly before others as opposed to having to keep track of lies and half-truths.
This month is going to be an AWESOME MONTH OF PROVERBS, and I am so pumped for the Journey!  Please email me anytime with questions, or comments -