Wednesday, March 6, 2013

31 Days 31 Proverbs "#2"

31 Days 31 Proverbs
Quick Review of Proverbs - Chapters 2 - 6

Throughout the these chapters we continually see the word "wisdom" and as I keep saying to myself as I read "Proverbs is all about dishing out some awesome wisdom".  One of the most well known verses out of these chapters is in Chapter three, verse five, which says - "Trust in the Lord with all your heart , and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways and He will make your paths straight."  I feel like everyone can read that and focus on something a little different or a certain part of it has a different effect on everyone.  For me it is the word "path".  Reading this the last several days really gave me time to  truly think about my own path that I am walking down in life; what does that look like, where is it taking me, and who is my guide. In the next five chapters, try to focus on one main point and really ask yourself specific questions to challenge yourself.

Below I have listed my tidbits to consider for the past five chapters and I look forward to writing again when we hit chapter 11!

Chapter 2 Tidbits:
2:4 "seek...treasure" - to find wisdom a person must be willing to search and dig
2:12 "perverse" - throughout proverbs this word will describe a person who chooses wickedness over wisdom or there self over God
Chapter 3 Tidbits:
3:5 "with all your heart" - The Bible uses the phrase to express total commitment.
3:6 "guide...paths" - This implies more than guidance it means God removes obstacles from your path.
Chapter 4 Tidbits:
4:3 "son with my father" - Solomon's father was King David.
4:10 "live many years" - The Bible often equates obedience with long life, but a long life is measured by quality of life as well as number of years.
4:18-19 - Throughout the Bible righteousness and wickedness are compared to light and darkness.  God's presence and guidance are described in terms of light.  Jesus called Himself "the light of the World"
Chapter 5 Tidbits:
5:7-14 - Sexual infidelity carries a price.  It costs a person dearly, including self-respect.
Chapter 6 Tidbits:

6:6 "slacker" - A slacker was a lazy and shiftless person who chose a lifestyle of irresponsibility over actively doing the right things.
6:17 "arrogant eyes" - A proud look.  God does not reward pride or arrogance. Pride leads to destruction.