Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paul: His Story

Last night I finished my first book of the year 2013.
Paul: His Story
By Jerome Murphy-O'Connor

Being the first book of the year, half way through I asked myself why in the world did I start my year with such serious theology from a professor at Oxford. But the more and more I read I am glad I did.  I learned more by reading this than I definitely ever knew about Paul.

I learned more about the life of Timothy, and what effect he had on Paul.  And the lives of Priscilla and Aquila.  I can honestly admit I did not know the effect that these three people had on the life of Paul.  I also didn't realize the background that 2nd Corinthians truly holds, and learning that was very intriguing.

After spending my entire 2012 in the books of the New Testament, I can say overall, I enjoyed and am glad I started the year 2013 with this book.  I will admit after ending my year by reading the autobiography of Michael Vick and then picking up this book to begin my year, I had to get use to a different style of writing of a scholar from Oxford.

One of the best quotes/takeaways I have from this book is:
"What Paul appreciated above responsibility of internalizing Christianity, of working out how to give the following of Christ practical expression in their daily lives.  NO FEAR OF MAKING A MISTAKE DAMPENED THIER ENTHUSIASM.  IN FACT THIER SELF-CONFIDENCE RULLED OUT ERROR AS IMPOSSIBLE."

So the real question is would I recommend this book to anyone.  Honestly, probably not, unless you are really wanting to dive into the journey of Paul.  I found it interesting but I assume their may be better text about the life of Paul that could be a little more manageable to understand.