Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Red Faced

It isn't too often in my life that I really feel embarrassed.  Thinking back post high school... I would have to say the time I wiped out on my skateboard in front of the main dining hall at East Carolina University may top the list, at the same time I would say it is the biggest applause I may have ever received for anything in my life though.  The next time would have happened at ECU as well, when I decided to go to an Alpha Phi Alpha kickball game by myself freshmen year, just thought it would be fun to make some friends.  Well, come to find out and definitely didn't know before going is that Alpha Phi Alpha is a 99% African American fraternity, lets just say I was a bit of outkast on the kickball field.  Other than those two times at ECU I would say that all other times have fell on my birthday.  I just don't know what it is, but I just don't like a big deal made out of my birthday.

But I have never really had pictures of an embarrassing moment until now.  Last month on my birthday, Morgann sets it up for my brother to fly down for a birthday weekend.  We meet him in the airport, we walk over to baggage claim. (waiting for a bag that he checked for a two night trip? obviously that doesn't hit me as a little strange)  Jon says he needs to go to the bathroom, so he goes and while standing there I am not really thinking much of it except for the fact that he took his other bag with him to the bathroom.

About four minutes later I see my brother come out of the bathroom wearing a cow costume that has utters in the front of it shouting. "EVERYONE, EVERYONE CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, IT IS MY BROTHERS BIRTHDAY SO I WAS THINKING WE COULD ALL SING HIM THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG"  and begins to lead the entire airport baggage claim section at the Charleston airport in the Happy Birthday song.

First:  I am surprised he didn't get tackled as he was shouting in an airport with a cow costume on.
Second:  Something I will never forget, embarrassing moments may only last for a second, but is something you can always talk about later.  And for that, thank you embarrassing moments for being AWESOME!

 Before walking to baggage claim!

During (Red Faced)

After (still wearing the cow)

Side Note:  Jon had no bags to pick up from baggage claim.

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