Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mission Possible - Your J O B

When Morgann and I moved and were searching for a new church to attend we both were looking for one that was very "missions" based, and after many weekends of seeing where God may lead us as far as a church we definitely feel like God has found that right spot for us.  

With that said...about a month ago Morgann and I were asked by friends at church to start praying about going on a mission trip with several people from church.  We have had the desire to do this since we got married, so we said we would pray about it and then let them know if we felt that this was the trip God was wanting us to go on. Well, after praying over it we both felt that God wasn't pulling us to this particular trip at this time.  (but will continue to pray for God to lead us to the right one)

But I say all of that to talk about the word "mission".  A lot like the word PURPOSE! Definitely through this time of thinking about this trip God put it on my mind to focus on the word "mission" and what that means to me right now and how I can live every day through my Purpose with a particular "mission."

Mission - a particular assignment carried out for a specific purpose!

So I came to the realization that as Christians we can really be on a "MISSION" every day if we are really living for a PURPOSE.  I have begun this week to take that a little farther to look at my job as a mission from God.  Sometimes our job that we do everyday can take control us - in a positive or negative way.  I feel like it is so easy to look at our job every day as something we feel like we have to go do whether we like or not or something we love to go do!   I have always been a person that looks at my job and says "that is not the most important thing in my life and I will make sure that it never is".  But then this week it hit me... (or I should say God hit me with)

What if my job is the exact "MISSION" that God wants me to be on?  

What I mean by that... What if God wants my job to be my "Mission Trip" that I take every day?  I had never looked at my job as a mission from God before this week, it was looked at from the standpoint of God gave me this ability and this opportunity but I will not make it first priority in my life over my faith, family, and friends.  But what if the one thing that I do every day, five days a week, is the very thing that God is calling me to be on a "Mission" for?

So this week on my ride to work I have started saying to myself -  "I am heading on a "Mission Trip" today!!!  So far it has changed my heart a little, and my attitude, and I think that is exactly what God wanted to happen. 

And he said  “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." Mark 16:15

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