Monday, March 11, 2013

31 Days 31 Proverbs #3

31 Days 31 Proverbs - Chapters 7-11 review

With the tidbits being a bit long for these chapters below, I will keep this first paragraph short.  But I hope all of you are still enjoying these 31 days through these 31 books of Proverbs.  As you can tell with these last five chapters we are still truly learning what "real wisdom" is!  Which for myself can be hard to grasp and come to the realization of while reading these verses.  So if you are having any questions while you read please send them my way! (  Also, keep in mind as we read Chapters 10 - 22, they are collections of individual proverbs that will not have a common theme.
Proverbs Chapter Tidbits 7 - 11:
7:3 "Tie them" - Moses' last charge to the Israelites was to bind god's Law to their foreheads and hands.  Solomon echoes Moses' command here.
8:14 - Wisdom is highlighted here as a source of strength.  This chapter draws a stark contrast between the wise person and the helpless victim caught in the web of sin.
8:36 "harms himself" - The Bible equates sin, choosing our own way over God's, with self-destruction.
9:8 "he will love you" - Even a rebuke is a pleasant thing because a wise person will learn from it.
9:11 "years will be added" - Generally speaking, wisdom adds to the quality and longevity of life.
9:12 - The rewards of wisdom work on the same principle that Paul described in Galatians 6:7.  What a person sows will yeld consequences.
10:4 "poor" - In Proverbs poverty is associated with laziness or a lack of discipline.
10:5 "harvest" - Solomon often uses the image of harvest to illustrate a person who understands the discipline of taking care of himself.
10:25 - Jesus may have had this proverb in mind when He told the parable of the wise man who built his house on a rock and thus withstood a fierce storm, while the foolish man built on the unstable sand.
11:4 "day of wrath" - It is righteousness, not wealth, that will save us when we face God's judgment at the end of our lives.
11:7 "hope...vanishes" - Beyond this life wealth and power mean nothing.  to trade righteousness or wisdom for either is futile attempt at happiness.
11:16 - Riches cannot buy good relationships, contentment, and respect from others.